Energia Florigen Mechanica

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"Energia Florigen Mechanica"
読み: エネルギア・フロリジェン・メカニカ
意味(meaning): 植物のエネルギーと機械の融合 (The Fusion of Plant Energy and Mechanis)
素材(materials): Silver (シルバー925)、Brass



This ring is an embodiment of a unique convergence where the energies of machinery and plants intertwine. Crafted to resemble a special mechanism that transfers energy from rutile quartz to the essence of plants, it features brass mechanical parts structured in a dome-like design, akin to guardians shielding budding life, while its silver arms emulate the intricate roots of plants. The vitality of vegetation and the intricate precision of mechanical elements delicately harmonize, evoking a sense of renewed energy.

This piece symbolizes a special fusion between flora and machinery, expressing its own distinctive worldview through its endearing charm and refined beauty. Its singularity and exclusivity as a one-of-a-kind creation make it a special gift for those seeking originality and beauty, or as a personal indulgence for someone who treasures their individuality.

★こちらの商品は1点物です。ご検討の方はお早めにご注文くださいませ。★One of a kind
*Similar products may be released in the future.

*Due to the antique finish, the coloring (metal coloring and shading) may vary from item to item. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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