Nexus Radicum Temporalium

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"Nexus Radicum Temporalium"
読み: ネクサス ラディクム テンポラーリウム
意味(meaning) : 時間と根の結びつき(The linkage of time and roots)
素材(materials) : Silver (シルバー925)、Brass

"Nexus Radicum Temporalium"は、その名の通り、時間と根が結びつく美を具現化した魅惑的な指輪です。真鍮製のボルトが重なり合い、まるで時計の針を彷彿とさせるシルエットが時間の静寂を刻んでいます。そして、シルバー製の小さな芽が、命の新たな始まりを象徴し、その根っこがボルトに絡まりあう姿は、まるで根が時計の針を動かそうとしているかのようです。


"Nexus Radicum Temporalium"は、あなた自身の魅力と深い結びつきを象徴し、特別な瞬間を記念する贈り物として、ぜひお選びいただければ幸いです。

Resonance of Time and Life:
As the name suggests, the "Nexus Radicum Temporalium" ring materializes the beauty of the intersection between time and roots. Overlapping brass bolts evoke the silhouette of clock hands, etching the stillness of time. Tiny silver buds symbolizing the sprouting of new life have their roots intricately entangled with the bolts, as if the roots are trying to move the hands of the clock. This mesmerizing ring encapsulates the resonant harmony between time and life.

This ring embodies the beautiful harmony of time and life, allowing you to feel the hope born from their intertwining. Experience the fusion of stillness and motion at your fingertips.

The "Nexus Radicum Temporalium" symbolizes your own charm and deep connections. We hope you'll choose this as a gift to mark special moments and milestones.

*Due to the antique finish, the coloring (metal coloring and shading) may vary from item to item. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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