Coherere Silentium Annulus

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"Coherere Silentium Annulus"
読み: コヘレーレ シレンティウム アンヌルス
意味(meaning): 結びつく静寂の輪 (The Circle of Silence)
素材(materials): Silver (シルバー925)、Brass

"Coherere Silentium Annulus"は、静寂と成長が美しく融合する珠玉のアート作品です。ギアの固まりは時間を止めたように静かに佇み、それに対して植物の芽が勇敢に力強く成長する様子が対比と調和を生み出しています。この指輪は、動と静の調和を象徴する品です。

"Coherere Silentium Annulus"は、あなたの個性を引き立たせ、あなた自身を愛する気持ちを育みます。自身へのご褒美や大切な方への贈り物としても、ぜひお選びください。

Harmony of Motion and Stillness :
The "Coherere Silentium Annulus" is an exquisite work of art that beautifully blends stillness and growth. The solid mass of gears stands still as if time has stopped, contrasted by plant buds bravely and vigorously growing. This juxtaposition creates harmony and consonance. The ring symbolizes the harmony of motion and stillness.

"Coherere Silentium Annulus" will enhance your personality and nurture your love for yourself. Choose it as a reward for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

*Due to the antique finish, the coloring (metal coloring and shading) may vary from item to item. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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¥12,000 tax included