Crush つぶす RING

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Crush つぶす
素材(materials) : Silver (シルバー925)


「Crush つぶす リング」は、意図的につぶされたポイントから生まれる美しさを讃えるユニークなデザインです。このリングは、外部からの予期せぬ変化からも自身を柔軟に変化させ、新たな魅力を引き出すことを象徴しています。

「Crush つぶす リング」は、あなたの日常に驚きと美をもたらすパートナーです。そのデザインは、変化を讃え、新しい可能性への一歩を踏み出す勇気を与えてくれるでしょう。このリングを選び、自己の柔軟性を祝い、未知の美しさを発見しましょう。


The "Crush つぶす RING" is a unique design created by deliberately crushing three points on a ring-shaped prototype. This design celebrates the beauty born from the intentional act of deformation, emphasizing the softness that contrasts the typical perception of hard metals.

This ring symbolizes the ability to adapt and bring forth new allure, even in the face of unexpected external changes. It captures the moment when unexpected beauty emerges from the crushed points, even in challenging times. It encourages you to take a step towards celebrating your flexibility and drawing out new charm from external changes.

The "Crush つぶす RING" can be your everyday companion, bringing surprise and beauty into your daily life. Its design pays homage to change and provides the courage to take a step towards new possibilities. Choose this ring to celebrate your flexibility and discover newfound beauty in the unknown.

It's also suitable for layering with its simple design, and you can consider different sizes for a matching pair.

*The size of the ring in the photo is Japanese size 11. Please note that there might be slight design changes due to the sizing adjustment.

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¥9,500 tax included