Straight & Curve 直と曲 RING

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Straight & Curve 直と曲
素材(materials) : Silver (シルバー925)



「Straight & Curve 直と曲 RING」を身につけて、時間の流れと人生の曲がりくねった道に感謝し、新たな瞬間を受け入れる心を育てましょう。この指輪は、あなたの旅路に新たな意味を与えます。


"Straight & Curve RING" is a ring inspired by the themes of straight lines and curves. The contrast between the rigidity of straight lines and the fluidity of curves creates a beautiful design.

The firmness of the straight lines symbolizes the continuity from the past to the future, while the flexibility of the curves represents change and new experiences. The coexistence and harmony of these elements celebrate your individuality and growth, instilling confidence in an unknown future.

Wear the "Straight & Curve RING" to cultivate gratitude for the flow of time and the winding paths of life, and to embrace new moments with an open heart. This ring adds fresh meaning to your journey, offering a touch of sophistication to your fingertips.

*The size of the ring in the photo is Japanese size 11. Please note that there might be slight design changes due to the sizing adjustment.

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¥9,500 tax included