Overlap 重ねる RING

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Overlap 重ねる
素材(materials) : Silver (シルバー925)



Overlap 重ねる RINGは、あなたの指先に新しい物語を紡ぎます。シルバー925の素材感を最大限に活かし、特別な意味を持つアクセサリーとして、あなたのスタイルに深みを加えます。


The "Overlap 重ねる RING" features a unique design that creates the impression of multiple rings overlapping on a simple band. With an antique-style finish, it also preserves the tactile quality of silver.

This ring's design, reminiscent of layered brushstrokes, evokes the accumulation of moments, experiences, and milestones in your life. It symbolizes the path you've walked, the challenges you've overcome, and the new goals you aspire to achieve.

The "Overlap 重ねる RING" weaves a fresh narrative at your fingertips, accentuating your style with the rich, textured feel of Silver 925. It's more than just a simple and stylish ring; it's a meaningful accessory that adds depth to your individuality. Its design, while simple and cool, is also popular among women.

*The size of the ring in the photo is Japanese size 11. Please note that there might be slight design changes due to the sizing adjustment.

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¥9,500 tax included