Cut & Join 切る 繋ぐ RING

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Cut & Join 切る 繋ぐ
素材(materials) : Silver (シルバー925)





This ring is created by cutting and reconstructing a once rod-shaped prototype, while carefully adjusting the balance.

The theme of "transformation and rebirth" is intricately woven into this ring. It stands as a powerful symbol of embracing past fragments and pursuing new possibilities. The story it carries includes past experiences, moments of overcoming challenges, and hope and aspirations for the future.

This ring is a symbol that celebrates the beauty born from change and the strength that comes from accepting transformation. Its artistic and modern design, with a rugged yet elegant feel, appeals to individuals of all genders, making it a popular choice.

*The size of the ring in the photo is Japanese size 11. Please note that there might be slight design changes due to the sizing adjustment.

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¥9,500 tax included