Fold 折る RING

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Fold 折る
素材(materials) : Silver (シルバー925)

「Fold 折る RING」は、内側と外側が指輪の表面に交互に現れるデザインが特徴で、新たな可能性への一歩を象徴しています。
指輪の表面に内外が交互に現れるデザインは、あなた自身の内面と外部の調和を反映し、新たな人生へのステップを示しています。過去の経験や内なる気持ちが外界に折り重なり、新しい可能性が広がります。この瞬間を、「Fold 折る RING」は永遠に祝福し続けます。

是非、Fold 折る RINGを手にして、あなた独自のファッションを楽しんでください。

True to its name, this ring is crafted by folding the original material, creating a design where the inside and outside alternate on the ring's surface. "Fold 折る RING" symbolizes taking a step into new possibilities. The alternating design on the ring's surface reflects the harmony between your inner self and the outside world, showing the way to a new phase in life. It's a moment where past experiences and inner feelings blend with the external world, opening doors to new opportunities. "Fold 折る RING" celebrates this moment eternally.

With its simple design, this ring is perfect for everyday wear. Available in different sizes, it can also be a matching pair ring. We invite you to experience "Fold 折る RING" and embrace your unique fashion style.

*The size of the ring in the photo is Japanese size 11. Please note that there might be slight design changes due to the sizing adjustment.

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¥9,500 tax included